Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic fragrances are high performance scents that are composed of synthetic materials. The palette of ingredients is vast. The olfactive impressions that are created are endless and can take you from your everyday reality to a world of fantasy.

Each scent is customized and created to work with your brand’s positioning and perform technically in your product formulation. Our experts can develop a scent that is capable and has excellent performance over time.

The ingredients used in synthetic fragrances are man-made. Synthetic aromatic raw materials have either been chemically created (mostly from petroleum), or started as naturals and have had their chemical structure modified. Synthetic aromatic raw materials fall into the categories of chemically modified natural raw materials, nature identical raw materials and aroma chemicals that do not exist in nature. A synthetic fragrance may have no natural ingredients in it or a combination of some.

INCI Name: Fragrance, Parfum


  • High performing
  • Wide use of olfactive notes
  • More mass appeal
  • Greater flexibility
  • Achieve notes that do not occur in nature
  • Complex