Essential Waters®

Essential Waters® are scent infused waters. These can be used as is (in lieu of water), in spray form for facial mist, or they can be integrated into skin care products, body washes, lotions, and hair care products. Use to impart natural newness and excitement to an existing skin care, hair care, or bath product.

INCI Name: Same as Essential Oil Name and Water

Example Applications:

Facial Mist

  • Creates fresh feeling that imparts a soothing connotation to the complexion and moisture.
  • Uses well with other botanicals
  • Baby Care
  • Presents a sense of natural gentleness
  • Use with wellness botanicals such as oats, chickweed, lavender and chamomile to convey herbal benefits

Linen Spray

  • Adding aromatherapy benefits to bedtime gives a relaxing and soothing end to a busy day

Refreshing after Shave Spray

  • Spice Water can be applied as an after shave or shower splash that incorporates a skin soothing and healing botanical extract or vitamin blend.

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