Standardized Olive Leaf Extract

INCI Name: Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract
Part Used: Leaf
Chemistry: 18% Oleuropein
Plant Description: The olive tree is an evergreen plant growing to 30 feet with a deeply grooved gray trunk, small leathery leaves, clusters of small greenish white flowers, and green fruit ripening to black.
Olive Leaf Attributes: Studies have indicated the following:
Anti-inflammatory (5)

  • Helps skin recover from UVB damage
  • Soothes damaged skin
  • Reduced erythema 22%
  • Reduced T.E.W.L. 35%

Anti-Oxidant/Free Radical Scavenger (6)

  • DPPH Assay & Kinetic Studies (2)
  • Anti-aging

Promotes Wound Healing (1)

  • 87.1% decrease in wound size after 12 days versus
  • 12.5% for control
  • 34.8% increase in wound tensile strength
  • Increased collagen production

Oleuropein displays anti-tumor activity (3)

  • Inhibited proliferation and migration of advanced grade
  • human tumor cell lines

Anti-microbial activity against gram negative, gram positive bacteria and fungi (4) (6)

Applications: Skin Care
Sun Care
Hair Care
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