What We Do

Carrubba works hand in hand with product developers to create the optimal aromatic solutions for their products. By developing and manufacturing synthetic and natural fragrances, natural aromatic extracts, and natural essential oil blends, Carrubba provides uniquely tailored aromatics that maximally enhance the olfactive aesthetics of the product consistent with its market positioning.
Carrubba provides winning flavors, both natural and artificial, for lip care, beverages, sugar confections, cough drops and syrup, oral care products, and pet products.
Carrubba is a leader in the development and manufacture of natural and organic botanical extracts, and extract blends for the cosmetics and personal care industry. Working with over 500 natural plants and more than 225 organic species, Carrubba can create a signature botanical statement for your product line. We leverage over 40 years of botanical expertise to be your botanical expert.
Our DeoPlex® natural deodorizing active ingredient is a unique botanical odor neutralizer based on fermentation technology. We have engineered it to be a safe and effective solution for odors caused by perspiration, waste, smoke, food, mildew, and pets.

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