Vegetable Botanical Extracts

Vegetables are known to be good natural sources of vitamins and anti-oxidants which can help keep skin, hair and nails healthy and youthful looking. Carrubba now offers a line of natural vegetable extracts suitable for your cosmetic and personal care products.

Vegetable Relative Relative Anti-Oxidant
Vitamin A (1) Vitamin C (1) Score (2)
Beets Low Low High
Broccoli Medium High High
Brussel Sprouts Medium High High
Cabbage Low Medium Medium
Carrots High Low Low
Cauliflower Low High Medium
Celery Low Low Low
Corn Low Low Medium
Cucumbers Low Low Low
Eggplant Low Low Medium
Iceberg Lettuce Medium Low Low
Kale High High High
Leaf Lettuce Medium Medium Low
Onions Low Low Medium
Potatoes None High Medium
Red Peppers High High Medium
Spinach High Medium High
String Beans High Medium Low
Sweet Potatoes High High Low
Tomato High High High
Yellow Squash Medium Low Low
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Griffin, New York
(2) Cao G., Sofic E., Prior R; Antioxidant Capacity of Tea and Common Vegetables. Journal of Agricultural Food
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