Sustainability and Compliance

For over four decades, Carrubba’s manufacturing practices have resulted in minimal environmental impact.

Natural Fragrances and Aromatic Extracts
• All of the components we make and use in production are physically extracted from plants using either expression, distillation, super critical fluid extraction, solvent extraction, or are fermented.
• These are all physical processes and do not involve reactive chemistry which requires high energy input, and produces byproducts, or are traditional procedures per ISO 9235.
• No petrochemicals are used.
• All of our aromatic extracts are made from renewable plants.
• The waste is not put into landfill, and there is no chemical waste from production.
• Raw material containers are recycled.

Botanical Extracts
• All of our botanical extracts are made from renewable plants.
• All of our 200+ organic ingredients are certified organic to the USDA NOP.
• All are biodegradable.
• Organic and Wildcrafted botanicals are grown and harvested in either an environmentally benign or positive manner.
• No green house gases are emitted as a result of our production.
• There is no release of toxins into the sewage system.
• Production waste is minimal, primarily exhausted biodegradable biomass.

• Biodegradable.
• Made from natural feedstock grown sustainably.
• Manufactured using natural fermentation, a green chemistry technology.