Standardized Goji Berry Extract

INCI Name: Lycium Barbarum Fruit Extract
Part Used: Fruit
Chemistry: 15% Polysaccharides
Plant Description: This nutrient dense red berry from the Himalayas is famous in traditional Chinese medicine for its health and energizing benefits. Goji berry is known to support the immune system and promote longevity. It has a reputation as an anti-aging superfruit due to its wide spectrum of antioxidants and a concentration of vitamins and minerals.
Goji Berry Attributes: Studies have indicated the following:
Potent Antioxidant, free radical scavenger (1,2,3)
– Performed nearly as well as BHT in b-carotene
linoleate model (1)
– Effective DPPH free radical scavenger (1,2)
– More effective than BHT in superoxide
radical scavenging activity (1,3)
– Effective in inhibiting lipid peroxidation (3)
Accelerates DNA synthesis rate in, and prolonged
life span of aging youth 2BS fusion cells (4)
Applications: Skin Care
Hair Care
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