Flavor is the combined experience of taste, smell, and texture. The science and technology of food flavorings requires the capability to create distinctive flavor profiles found in nature and a thorough knowledge of the physical and aromatic characteristics of aromatic substances. With our experience and these knowledge bases, we offer flavors that are in tune with the latest market trends and consumer preferences. We deliver flavor solutions for a variety of market segments, and develop traditional as well as innovative flavors, both artificial and natural.

Artificial Flavors are made from synthetic components developed in a laboratory. Synthetic components often have the same molecular structure as those found in nature. The distinction between natural and artificial is the source of the chemicals.

Natural Flavoring components are defined as “natural” by the Code of Federal Regulations of the United States Food & Drug Administration. They include essential oils, oleoresins, extracts, aroma chemicals, essences, distillates etc. of flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit, herb, leaf or similar plant material whose significant function in food is flavoring.


Natural Flavor: All flavor ingredients must be 100% derived from the named material.

WONF: “With Other Natural Flavors” All flavor ingredients must be 100% natural but do not need to be derived from the named material.

Natural & Artificial Flavors: Flavor ingredients are both natural and artificial.

“FlavorTherapy®” – Aromatherapy applied to Flavors

Kosher Flavors: Our Flavors are certified by