Featured Product – Natural Preservative Free Extracts

Keeping with Carrubba’s commitment to the well-being of the environment and our consumers, we have launched a new line of natural, preservative free botanical extracts.

Inspired by botanical laboratory manager, Carol Sementilli, this line features an array of products that are made from glycerin, water, and botanical materials. These ingredients guarantee that the extracts are all natural, eco-friendly, and safe for personal use.

The use of preservatives can make a product unnatural, as well as a pollutant. Preservatives have harmful chemicals in them that are used to stop bacterial growth, which can be unhealthy if used excessively. Our natural, preservative free extracts provide our customers with reliable products that are safe to use on people of all ages, including babies and young children, while preventing the growth of bacteria in them. “They require less processing during the manufacturing stage, they’re clean, and they’re all natural,” Sementilli said. “This way, our customers know exactly what they are getting.”