About Wildcrafted Botanical Extracts

Sustainability – To give equal weight in your decisions to the future as well as the present. The global sustainability movement is growing rapidly. In the U.S., the movement is gaining strength, especially at the community level, focused on “Environmental Justice.”

Likewise, corporations are beginning to understand they have a long-term responsibility for “product stewardship”. Elements of the sustainability movement are:

The Green Movement
Organic Agriculture
Fair Trade Agriculture

Wildcrafted Botanicals Support Sustainability

Plants are gathered from their natural, wild habitats, often from pristine areas. Care is taken to only remove a few plants, flowers, or branches, so plenty remains to continue the supply.

Harvesters must designate the area they are harvesting, and provide a three-year history of the area that shows no prohibited substances have been applied there. A harvesting plan must demonstrate the harvest will sustain the wild crop.